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A die hard underground music fan embarks upon a journey across countries, cities & towns of the Indian subcontinent, viz. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka, unravelling a gripping tale of a diverse, discordant and volatile - but well connected - extreme subculture. 

This is harsh music with a harsh lifestyle attached, emerging from a region steeped in common history & geo-political strife, that reveals a scathing commentary of our times, backgrounded by the emergence of one unique subculture against the backdrop of religious radicalism, rising waves of nationalism and terror mongering fringe groups.

By: Roy Dipankar
2019 | India | 81'
Rating: Over 16 yrs old
Brazilian Portuguese subtitles
[national premiere]


Place: José Manuel Figueiredo Cultural Fórum
Time: 21:30
Price: 2,97€

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