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A feature-length portrait of the character and legacy of electronic sound pioneer Delia Derbyshire, who realised the Dr Who Theme tune in 1963 and explores the idea that this extraordinary composer lived outside of time and space as other people experience it. Its playful, psychedelic mix utilises archival materials, interviews with her collaborators and dramatisations whilst honouring the BBC Radiophonic Workshops arranger/composer's own questing spirit.

This is a life story told through sound using both Delia’s own pieces of music alongside a soundtrack constructed from samples chosen by musician and Performance artist Cosey Fanni Tutti from Delia’s lost attic tapes that were discovered after her death and explores the fantasy of a collaboration, an exchange of ideas across eras between two fascinating musicians. A cinematic exploration of a legendary musical figure written and directed by Caroline Catz who also plays Delia Derbyshire.

By: Caroline Catz
2020 | United Kingdom | 98’
Rating: Over 12 yrs old
English subtitles
[national premiere]


Place: AMAC
Time: 16:30
Price: 2,5€

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