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Konrad "Conny" Plank (1940–1987) was one of the most innovative sound designers and music producers of his time. The recordings that were made in his legendary recording studio in Wolperath, near Cologne, from the 1960s onwards have revolutionized the music world. He was a pioneer of krautrock and pioneer of electronic pop music. Bands and artists like NEU!, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Ultravox and the Eurythmics recorded with him and still emphasize the influence he had on their music today. Without Plank, Gianna Nannini would have sung in English forever, and if he had liked a certain Bono, U2's “Joshua Tree” would sound very different today.

When Conny died at the age of only 47, his son Stephan was just 13 years old. 25 years later, together with co-director Reto Caduff, he went in search of the man whom he often only saw behind the mixer as a child. At the same time, it was also the search for his father's artistic legacy. He met up with Conny's old friends and companions: with Annette Humpe and the Scorpions, with Gianna Nannini, Devo, Ultravox and many more. Private, mostly unpublished archive recordings alternate with personal interviews in which the musicians provide insights into Conny's meticulous and highly sensitive way of working.

By: Reto Caduff and Stephan Plank
2017 | Germany | 92’
Rating: Over 12 yrs old
English subtitles


Place: Barreiro Municipal Library
Time: 21:00
Price: 2,5€

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