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The first feature film by Pedro Gonçalves walks us through the world of improvised music in Portugal. With its epicenter at Bar Irreal, in Lisbon, a bustling meeting place (which in the meantime has sadly closed) for portuguese and international musicians of different generations and backgrounds, Chaos and Affinity show us live footage and interviews with artists such as Gabriel Ferrandini, Adriana Sá, Luís Lopes or Carlos Zíngaro, who reflect on different ways of listening and of creating, while portraying a cultural reality still distant from the mainstream.

By: Pedro Gonçalves
2020 | Portugal | 77'

Rating: Over 12 yrs old
[with the presence of the director]


Place: José Manuel Figueiredo Cultural Fórum
Time: 16:30
Price: 2,97€

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